Baker in the shop

5 Nov

Sean Crimmins provided the following photos, which he shot yesterday.  The Baker is now in its winter home in the Fokker hangar at Old Rhinebeck along with a few other projects that will receive attention during the winter break.  These include a re-cover of the tail surfaces of the Aerodrome’s 1910 Hanriot, and work to get the Aerodrome’s Ural motorcycle and side-car back into operating condition.

Here’s a closer look at the Baker in the shop:

Detail of the driver’s seat within the electric car. Note the tiller steering!

Detail of the interior upholstery on one of the doors:

The floorboards of the electric car can be removed to give upper access to the motor/resistor assembly.

The different “gear speeds” within the electric car consist of a lever that changes the resistance of the charge going to the motor. There appears to be 3 forward positions and three reverse positions.

Detail of the electric motor/resistor assembly. The driveshaft turns a regular differential to spin the wheels.


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