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Switch, schematic and resistor pack

29 Dec

Just in case we haven’t already mentioned it…the official website for the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome (where the Baker lives) is  Be sure to visit the site!

Sean Crimmins recently did an analysis of the wiring to generate a schematic.  He also started to clean up the main switch.  He said the following:

“The switch mechanism is pretty cool; it looks like an old phonograph tube.  There are ten wires that go to the switch “roll” and connections are made by moving the speed handle.  There are actually six forward speeds and three reverse speeds.  With each movement of the forward position, the configuration of the switch assembly changes the path of the electricity through the resistor pack.  The resistance to the motor gets lower as one would expect to go faster.  I started to clean each switch connector with emery cloth and remove the dust/debris from the resistors.”

Here are a few photos of the switch assembly, schematic and resistor pack:

Cleaned up switch for Baker Electric

Cleaned up switch for Baker Electric

Switch for Baker Electric

Switch for Baker Electric

Schematic for Baker Electric

Schematic for Baker Electric

Notes for switch on Baker Electric

Notes for switch operation on Baker Electric

Resistor pack

Resistor pack


Woohoo! We told you “Awesome news” was coming: Here it is…

18 Dec

We are pleased to announce that the NYC branch of the Awesome Foundation has awarded the Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum a $1000 grant to help us to get the Baker Electric running for the 2013 season!  Very special thanks go to Nicole B., Lee-Sean and all of the Trustees at the Awesome Foundation. We look forward to having them at Old Rhinebeck next season to give them a ride in the Baker.

Here’s the link from their website announcing the news…

And here’s the project page (which brings you back here via their site):

Thanks again!  What can we say…you guys are Awesome!

Coming soon…photos and a video of Sean Crimmins explaining how the main switch assembly allows the Baker to shift gears.

AWESOME News is coming!

12 Dec

Yep…we just got some AWESOME news today regarding the Baker project that we will share with you as soon as we have more details.  Stay tuned!

Seeking Technical Manual…

7 Dec

We are looking to obtain a copy of a technical manual for the 1911 Baker.  If anyone out there knows where we can get a copy we’d appreciate it!

In the meantime, here is a link we found to a catalog for some of the 1909 Baker models.  They offered quite a variety of styles:

…and here is a youtube clip with a good number of old Baker Electric photos.  The commentary is not the most uplifting however!