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More Good News…New Batteries, Meters and a New tire!

6 Mar

Last weekend we received a generous donation of batteries for the Baker from Chris Spano of Interstate Batteries!

New Batteries Chris Spano

Chris Spano from Interstate Batteries of Kingston, NY posing in front of the 1911 Baker Electric. Chris donated the 10 six volt batteries for the project to get the vehicle running for the Aerodrome’s 2013 season. At 250 amp-hours per battery, the car should be able to operate at full speed for three hours.

New batteries Interstate and Chris S

Here are the (10) six-volt, deep-cell batteries that will run the vehicle.


New meters Karl Vederber

Karl Verderber custom built new meters to monitor the Baker’s 60 volt capacity system, and is shown here placing the meters in the mounting location.


new tire

We purchased a new 3 X 30 tire, and here it is, ready to be mounted on the driver’s side of the 1911 Baker’s drive wheel.

New tire mounted

The new tire, fully mounted on the Baker.